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Veltex Corporation
Stock symbol: VLXC.PK …………………………………..Float: 1,300,000 (est)

Stock price 10/28/04: $2.60……….Common shares (10/28/04: 2,000,000 est)

52-week price range: $.50 - $3.00………Equity market capitalization: $5.2mm


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October 28, 2004



Growing market: provides very cost-competitive apparel and textile products to the U.S.

  • Strong, experienced management team
  • Excellent profit margins
  • Sales growth year-in, year-out:
  • 2001: $8.7mm

    2002: $13.9mm

    2003: $19.9mm

    2004: $30.8mm for the nine months ended September 30, see below 'recent developments'

  • VLXC plans to become a fully reporting Company upon the completion of its 2003 audit, expected the end of November


  • VLXC reported record third quarter net income of $2,210,550 or $1.10 per share. This represents an increase of over 142% from the third quarter of 2003, which was $910,177. Total net sales for the quarter were $9,880,200, an increase of over 119% from $4,500,888 last year.
  • Total net sales for the nine months ended September 30, 2004, were $30,880,200. Net income for the nine months ended September 30, 2004 was $5,070,550 or $2.53 per share.
  • -----------------------------------------------------------------------

    Address: 19977 Harrison Avenue, City of Industry, CA 91789
    Telephone Tel: (909) 595-1977 FAX: (909) 595-1969

    CEO: Javeed Matin

    Web Sites:,

    State or other jurisdiction of incorporation or organization: Utah

    Transfer Agent: American Register and Transfer Agent, Salt Lake City, Utah

    Investor contact: Dan Seifer, 248-321-0121,




    As a low-cost producer VLXC

  • Custom manufactures for mass merchandisers, wholesalers, and can produce consumer brands
  • Imports and distributes textiles and apparel
  • VLXC's vertical manufacturing process includes three subsidiaries
  • . Velvet Textile Mills

    . KCA Garments Industries

    . Veltex Apparel



  • Major warehouse club stores in the U.S.
  • Retail stores
  • Contract ready-to-wear
  • Promotional products (with no middlemen)
  • Low-cost, high quality products direct to consumers from a new web site


    Department stores

  • Today most department stores are primarily apparel and accessories stores
  • When consumers shop at stores like Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus or Marshall Field's, they find floor after floor of shoes, clothing, accessories and cosmetics
  • E-commerce

  • National apparel chains are employing bricks and clicks successfully
  • Other firms, such as, sell apparel through the Internet only, often at everyday discount prices
  • Catalog retailers continue to do reasonable well, particularly if they operate well-designed web sites to supplement their printed catalogs


  • High quality, specialized textiles, primarily for use by manufacturers of automobile interiors, upholstery for furniture manufacturers
  • Caps and apparel for the promotional products industry
  • Ready to wear garments, especially on denim, microfilament, velvet, twill, canvas, duck and pinpoints oxford fabrics


    Low production costs

  • Factories in Bangladesh, including its large shirt manufacturer KCA Garment Industries, and Velvet Textile Mills
  • . Allow the Company to be extraordinarily competitive

    . Offers quality products at the lowest price of any major provider to the U.S. market.

    . Labor costs in Bangladesh are 95 percent lower than the U.S., even though Veltex pays generous salaries by Bangladesh standards

  • Many of the materials are imported quota free into the U.S.
  • Direct to the retailer

  • VLXC does not use middlemen, dealing directly with its markets, which is key to profitability.
  • Veltex produces the textiles, manufactures the apparel goods, and can ship the order to the customer eliminating at least two markups in the process.
  • Veltex Apparel is unique in its ability to manufacture the textiles, manufacture the garments and deliver orders in the United States.


    Recently said "Leading stores are also looking to source more from Bangladesh and India"



    The textile and apparel industry in Bangladesh occupies a prominent position within the country’s industrial structure. It is the largest manufacturing sector, providing jobs for some 50% of the total industrial workforce and contributing 9.5% of the country’s GDP. Also, it accounts for almost 77% of total exports, making it Bangladesh’s leading foreign exchange earner.


    In the early 1980s exports were dominated by jute while garment sales were insignificant. But today garment exports are by far the leading export category. In 2001/02 the clothing sector generated as much as US$4.58 bn in foreign exchange.



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