GASKINS IPO Rating Method

       Four factors are used to rate companies on a scale of 1 to 5, with "5" being high. The highest possible combined score is 20.
       Is the company profitable with a high gross margin? Or, if a 
              development stage company, is the loss rate fairly low?
       Does the company have significant strategic partners,
              who can help the company dominate and promote the
              company's brand image?
       Is management "from the industry"?
       Does management have business experience?
       Does management have IPO experience?
       Does the company have a strong, sustainable competitive 
              advantage? That's a "5" rating.
       Is the company basically a distributor? That's a "1" rating.
   Market Domination 
       Can the company become the leader in its defined market? 
   Market Growth 
       How fast is the company's market growing, relative to the
              fastest growing high-tech markets?